Carrs worked over


A good turn-out on Sunday the 28th saw a lot of jobs great and small done. The annual culling of the rampant willow (see below), a litter pick (a lovely family of four were very busy - I didn't catch their names), drains cleared, including one down near Pownall Bridge carrying the small straight canal through the wet area down to the river.

The Friends

The Friends of the Carrs grew out of the direct action taken by a number of local residents in 2004/5 to...

... of The Carrs

The Carrs is parkland that follows the Bollin River for just under a mile from Wilmslow to Twinnies Bridge. It is Wilmslow's favourite walking ground, where, in the morning, there are as many dogs as people. Most of the town's children have run in the play ground on Chancel Lane and begged to be allowed to paddle in the river. After rare falls of snow, the Carrs' one grassy slope is ridden by sledgers and the parkland becomes a Bosch canvas of colour. In recent years, rumours of fish have surfaced and there have been sightings of anglers.